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Frequently Asked Questions

So we know you must have some questions or you wouldn't be here. So read through what we have been asked so far and if you still have something on your mind, please take the 10 seconds to ask us. We will do what we can to make you feel stupid for asking it - no we won't...well maybe, depends.

We have so many things we do with this site, so yes we know it is complicated. We host websites, we build websites, we pimp your websites, we compile one of the (if not THE) best studio and artist directory on the web, we do just about anything we can to help this industry flourish that a non tattoo artist can do.

Do you have a question? Please contact us.

Important Sections of TatTales

The site is growing leaps and bounds so pay attention. You don't want to miss anything. Here are some of the most commonly accessed sections of our site.

The Questions and Answers

Q: How do I benefit from the site? Just the listing?

A: This is a question we have taken pages to answer so we will just direct you to the answers on this. Short and sweet though, it is so much more than the directory. That is kind of just how we manage to track everyone. Really, we have created online software to manage your clients. Keeping track of clients this way is really easy and makes everything mobile! For more detailed info, look on our page How to Use Our Website.

Q: Is TatTales just a social networking site?

A: NO, actually we don't do that at all. We have members, but members here only mean they have access to create stories and save favorites of their artists, events, and studios they are considering for their next tattoo. However, we are working on integrating with Facebook so that you can manage everything in one place. Managing clients with us is beneficial, so that is what we have built - a way for you to easily manage your client information and give your clients a fun way to promote you to get more clients. We feel if you can do things here to manage clients more like you need to (the stuff Facebook won't do for you), but allow a seamless integration (upload a photo here and it also uploads to Facebook) then we can just make life easier.

Q: How many tattoos do you have?

A: I get asked this a bunch. I have several tattoos which cover my left shoulder, right shoulder, both rib cages and both thighs from hip bone to knee. I am currently in the process of getting a back piece which ties in all of my other work so it covers from my neck to the backs of my knees. I am also planning to get a piece on my right ankle and want to get a smaller piece around my wrist, but not sure what I want there yet. I have written my stories so you can find them throughout the site. I do work for ink in case anyone needs a website!

Q: I see the cards you give out...what is the deal with them?

A: The cards we give to people we meet at conventions are the same cards we offer for studios and artists to give their clients. We can send you small business card holder counter-top displays with cards to give out typically when you give out aftercare instructions. The full circle effect here is to give cards so clients submit their stories on our site and give the artist well earned credit. This mimics the word of mouth advertising that has built the tattoo industry, but utilizing the Internet. You can get more info about them at our page describing our Offer for Tattoo Artists.

Q: Your question?

A: Contact us!