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My Two Koi Boys

When I first talked to my fiance about starting a family it was an exciting, mutually anticipatory discussion. When we became married we had awaited the moment when we would become parents and once it was a reality, chrished every second. Having researched many Japanese customes in the past, I had looked once again to that culture to solidify in ink my emotions. The Japanese celebrate annually an event named simply, Boy's Day. On May 5th of each year, the Japanese fathers display flags depicting a carp or Koi for each son they have in their family. Most commonly they have a large Koi for their eldest son and smaller ones for the others. In my case this became so meaningful because my sons were literally that way in size upon their birth. My eldest, first born son, was over 9 lbs in size whereas my second son was a little over 6. From the moment I have met my wife, I have never loved anything, as she had redefined the word for me, until they had come into my life. It makes me so incredibly proud to wear them on me from day ot day now. It probably deserves mentioning that I also carry the joy my wife has brought to me in an armband which I received right before we became wed and inspired from a phoenix that I received when we were first dating. I had always known that I would get a phoenix, but it was when I met her that it fealt as I was actually getting it because of the balance she brought to my life. Anyway, I did get the Koi tattoos one at a time although they now appear as a single tattoo. The first was a blue Koi with greenish fins. The second is a green-blue Koi, somewhat smaller. They both are traveling upstream as they were both born in the month of October. Koi traditionally are traveling upstream during this time, In addition, maple leaves, symbolizing fall, are floating amongst the two vivacious fish. My little Koi, my little energetic Koi, wouldn't trade it for the world.