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Remembering Our Dad 1

I recently got my first tattoo and had an emotional battle with the process. My dad/hero/best friend was the inspiration for it all. Although my dad wasn't a fisherman by trade I would say fishing was his favorite thing to do in life. I grew up on boats, learning how to bait a hook, and catch really big fish. Fishing was one of the ways I got to spend time with my dad as a kid. As I got older fishing wasn't high on my priority list but I will always associate fish with my dad. I think it started when my parents were selling our childhood home and we were all told we could take pretty much whatever we wanted from the house. This was a sad time in all of our lives. Not only were my parents divorcing, but my dad was very sick with what we later found out was a terminal disease. I was living on the west coast at the time so really couldn't fit much in my suitcase. I had always admired this small wood carved fish that my dad kept in a glass cabinet. I took that because I figured it could go anywhere with me and being that it was a fish it reminded me of my dad. Ever since then I began collecting little fish figurines here and there. After my dad died I started to get an inkling that I wanted to get a tattoo in memory of him and his life. I always liked small tattoos on the inside of wrist. I told my sister about the idea and she was in. Probably a good thing because without her persistence it may have never happened :) We knew we wanted something nautical, our house growing up was filled with ships wheels, shark teeth, fish, anchors, etc...But when it came down to deciding the fish made them most sense. We found a beautiful design of a fighting fish. Although my dad loved to catch large mouth bass and rock fish this wasn't something I wanted on my body forever. The fighting fish represents him because he was a fighter. He fought for his life till the end. My sister got the tattoo on her foot and it's beautiful. I opted for the inside of my left wrist. This was my first and only tattoo so yes it hurt and yes I did have some regret initially. Although I had put a lot of thought into where I wanted it, I failed to plan out the orientation and size. I would have preferred something smaller with less detail. Life lesson plan it out because it's permanent! In the end I am very happy with my overall decision and love this tattoo. I already feel like my dad is with me in spirit so my tattoo is just another friendly reminder.

Photos of My Tattoo