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Remembering Our Dad 2

I got my first tattoo when I was 18. I admit it wasn't really anything special. I just really wanted one so while on vacation I walked into a tattoo parlor and picked something off the wall I liked. I don't regret it and I still like the tattoo. Now, 10 years later I decided to get my second tattoo. This one was considerably different. This time it was something that my sister and I decided to do to remember our Dad who passed away a little over 3 years ago. I guess you could say I was definitely a daddy's girl. My dad was a huge fisherman so not being on the water was not an option for him. I grew up learning how to bait crab traps and fish hooks. I learned how to drive a boat and had my boating license before I knew how to drive a car. I remember sometimes when he would get home early from work we would take the "little whaler" (our 17ft boston whaler) out to try to catch red drum or perch. We could usually get some good hits right around sunset in the little coves of the creek we lived on. I also remember catching my very first fish with my dad out on the bay in our 25ft whaler. It was a croaker which is also known as a hard head. My dad thought it was so appropriate since he always said I was so hard headed. I have so many memories like this with my dad. So when my sister and I started talking about getting a tattoo to remember our Dad, we knew we wanted something to do with the water. We talked about getting a fish, a ships wheel, or an anchor. The hard part was not only trying to decide what to get, but also trying to make sure I was okay with having it on my body. We decided on a fish and I think we both knew that was the most appropriate for our dad. We grew up catching and eating rock fish and flounder. These are not the best looking fish especially when you are thinking about putting one on your body permanently. My sister ended up finding an awesome picture of a fighting fish online. This was even more appropriate since he was such a fighter in everything he did until the day he died. I got mine on my left foot and my sister got her's on her left wrist since my dad was left handed. Both tattoos turned out amazing!! I'm so happy to have something that is a part of me now represent such an important person in my life. I love being able to look at the fish on my foot and just smile thinking about him. He will always be with me now and forever.

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