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Finding a Personal Truth

There are two components to this tattoo of cherry blossoms and kanji lettering on my left ribcage. The kanji itself translates as "true victory is victory over oneself", so would more commonly have meaning of "To Thine Own Self Be True" which is a quote from Shakespeare. This has a significant meaning to me at this time in my life. As much as we surround ourselves with others in order to feel complete, all decisions inherently are made in self interest. Allowing more influence from certain people is one thing, but ultimately decisions are made individually or at least should be ones that you can live with. The contrary would be a long life of compromise and regret. There are many Buddhist principles that support the various aspects of life centering around the individual. The concept here is that if you are truly happy within, it is projected outward in everything you do and that naturally affects the things around you. The positive energy is shared and has a lasting effect on the things within your life and exponentially through the people you share your life with. The cherry blossoms surrounding this principle of inner truth resembles the seasonal changes constantly circling, influencing this truth to self. It is extremely difficult at times to stay centered and focused on what you truly believe in as an individual as your closest circle grows. A spouse, children, a close friend, all have significant influence on what are seemingly personal choices. However, compromise within one self, in some regard, can propagate happiness in others and based on the same principles affect you in a positive way. Matching that with the comfort and keeping to your own truths can even amplify the feeling of satisfaction regardless of starting as a compromise. This is what friendship and companionship is all about. For me this resemblance of that belief as well as being a reminder of staying true tells me that loving myself will lead to an overall positive effect on the people around me. Allowing others to love me and influence me will not compromise my inner truth, but possibly allow me to experience more than I would otherwise. Closing doors to new relationships and influences would only create a static sense of being. Therefore, the cherry blossom leaves are constantly floating by. Clusters of them signifying the people or other influences you have let into your life and inherently become of part of you, a part of your dynamic sense of truth and comfort of who you are. Keeping an open mind to all of the new things that surround you as you journey through life can only benefit the experience itself - good or bad the life journey is inherently enhanced one new experience at a time.