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Pulling It All Together

The phoenix, although beautiful..and anyone who counts their tattoo work in hours knows where this goes from here..was distracting from my real passion, the dragons. Time for the big boy. A green headed monster currently with yellows, reds, oranges, purples, and white is close to complete. Twelve hours have been completed thus far on this 3 foot dragon (if he were stretched). A looping tail finishes right above my right hip. His elaborately designed head resides down at the knee and I canít wait for him to be complete (6 more hours)..so I can start thinking about what to do next! Well the 6 hours became 9 so 66 hrs thusfar. I continue to look at magazines and can't imagine the time it has taken for some of these body suits - unimaginable! The dragon turned out awesome. All of his colors are shining bright and for someone that has kept most of my tattoo work quiet, it is a treat a catch a glimpse every now and again above the waist line. The tail peaks and curls right at the hip. I am on my way back in June to get an armband and discuss a second phoenix. The armband is a symbol of my new committment to a lovely and beautiful woman. I am proudly marrying her in July. The armband will be on my right arm in the normal spot for an armband. It will be a black and white piece again. It will consist of bamboo stalks and leaves constructing the typical band in a zigzag type of pattern. Within the zigs and zags will be four chinese characters symbolizing "true love Renee". Oh I can't believe I forgot..read back to my original story with those black and white dragons..they are now in color. The baby became some really wild oranges with white specs. Tom says I have magnificant "tattoo skin". He says this because he feels he can do any color and it just stays, my skin just loves the ink. We were meant to find each other. Anyway, the other became purple, with a touch of orange and green with the small flames colored in as well. The background has all been tied in together to continue to appear as one piece. This was about 4 hours, taking me to 70.