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Armband for Love

I will be talking to Tom about a second phoenix as well. I have a stronger and stronger desire to get my ink seen. The second phoenix will cost some bucks and priorities have arisen...yes, love. Renee is thinking of getting a chinese letter symbolizing dragon within the bikini zone. I will be shocked and impressed if she goes through with it though. I still can't imagine someone doing something like that for me to show how much she loves me. I call her my phoenix all of the time for more than providing my balance, but also for bringing me up from the ashes to begin a new life. My tats have continued to provide such a heavy meaning in my life and I will always use this art form to decorate myself with those emotions and meanings. Okay, this isn't the second phoenix, but emphasis on the first, so to speak. I got married to my phoenix July 7th of this year (2006) and got a symbolic tattoo before sealing the deal in San Diego, CA. This one was great because rather than totally giving Tom free reign, I provided a template for the design. I drew up some bamboo stalks in a zig-zag fashion and embedded amongst the leaves, Kanji symbols spelling out "True Love Renee". This consists of four Kanji symbols and it turned out great. Tom even had to take a look midway through and said "this is going to be really cool" and put his head back down to finish his work. I knew then he was in to it. I thought this would be a breeze, but two appointments and five hours later...masterpiece...I love it! Till the next tat (I said that before didn't I?)..