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Offer for Tattoo Artists to Promote Their Shop

We have multiple ways to promote your tattoo studio so please take a look at the many ways we can assist! Even more information is available explaining how to get the most out of what we offer by Learning How to Use Our Website.

If you are an artist, register with us on our tattoo artist registration.

(1) Story Cards

We are still constructing our offer, but our concept is this:

  • a counter display with business cards
  • promote tattales.com with the "tell your story" cards
  • we, in turn, promote your shop as the sponsoring shop of the story (since you did lay down the ink!)

We are interested in your ideas to this concept. We are dedicated to being fair and beneficial to everyone involved and will accept almost any offer to help promote inked skin.

Here is a link to contact us with ideas or affiliation offers.

Translation - more promotion for your tattoo shop!

(2) Tattoo Shop Directory

We have a tattoo studio directory on this site, but have dedicated directories on two other sites. They are all linked together and get a decent amount of traffic from month to month. However, of the 4000+ studios we have listed there are only a few in each state that are listed as premium listings.

Therefore now is the perfect time to get in early as we have added in the ability to pay for premium listing status which not only highlights your listing, but brings it to the top on this and our other sites that link to our database.

There is more information about this at the directory itself, so visit the tattoo studio directory. By the way, when you signup for premium listing, it also entitles you to significant discounts on our design services. We do design for all types of clients, but prefer to work in this niche and yes, we will work for ink!

(3) Tattoo Artist Directory

One of the newer additions to the site is the tattoo artist directory. Hundreds of artists have been entered and dozens have listed. Following the same format as our studio directory, the artists can signup for premium listings which give them priority listing. There are only a few in each state that are listed as premium listings, so again a great time to get noticed on the cheap.

Take a look by visiting the tattoo artist directory.

(4) Our Other Sites

We manage about 15 tattoo related websites and have about 10 more in development. We have been serving this niche for some time and have only sold off very few of our assets in the 15 years we have been doing so. This is the oldest of the sites and still running as strong as ever.

Check out our other sites, many of which all link back to this one to create a community of sites all about the ink. This just means more visibility for your shop when you become a premium client. Visit our page all about our other tattoo sites.