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Offer for Tattoo Artists to Promote Their Shop

These are the other tattoo sites we manage to assist in getting the word out about your shop. We are constantly adding new ways to provide benefit by adding in shop information, event information etc on our other sites.

Feel free to share ideas!

Best Tattoo Shops

Tattoo Shops

A site that houses a monstrous directory of tattoo shops throughout the United States. Find you next artist at our Best Tattoo Shop directory.

Tattoo Stories

Tattoo Stories

First we gave you tattoo ideas and now that you got your tat, tell us the story! This is the motto for this darker designed website. Just relaunched recently, a few stories are already posted. Offerings to tattoo shop owners also exist to get the word out. A photo gallery has been added that also allows a shop owner to submit their tattoo designs with links to their tattoo shop website. Submit your story or just poke around the site which has a unique design of flash and html.

Koi Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Design Ideas

This site will be significantly updated to include a more detailed history of koi in traditional tattoos. Many more photos will be added. Highlights will also be created to link to shops and artists that are known for their traditional Japanese work. Currently, a fairly new site giving you a brief rundown of the story behind Koi tattoos.

Name Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Design Ideas

Another specialty site that will be significantly revised to show the many styles lettering can be used to create a cool name or saying tattoo.

Design Your Own Tattoo

Getting a New Tattoo

This site's content will be expanded by including many new articles on obtaining inspiration for tattoo designs. The main tone of this site is to take a proactive role in the design of the tattoo in research, but putting trust in the tattoo artist to make the important decisions on what will work best in the overall design and placement.

Top Tattoo Websites

Listing of the top tattoo websites (well that we created at least). This site is being expanded to include the best designed tattoo websites from the large listing we have here within our directory. We manually review each site as we add the tattoo shop in so we will be notating the ones that have fantastics designs. Those will be listed in this site dedicated to just those also linking to the shop and therefore also increasing your shops visibility!

Tattoo Designs for Women

Tattoo Design Ideas

Articles and tattoo ideas specific to women.

Nerd Tattoos

Tattoo Design Ideas

The jury isn't totally out on this one yet, but a place to highlight the geekier tattoos out there.

Top Tattoo Designs

Getting a New Tattoo

This site will go through a revision to highlight shops more. Currently this site is has very general information and links to some of the more popular online tattoo design websites.

Tattooed Clothing

Cool Clothing

One of our top new sites selling some cool rags all very spirited threads with that grunge feel we call tattooed clothing! Longer term plans would allow shops to sell their gear here.

We also have the following domains that are being developed into sites: