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Affordable Hosting for Tattoo Studios

First, a special note...

I cannot express enough times how many times we meet artists and studio owners alike at conventions or just around and when we go back to enter them into the directory we see so many issues with the information from the business card. If there was one thing that stands out above the rest it is the website listed on the card is no longer active. The website address now points to some generic search page or some porn site because it was harvested by bad guys when it expired or the web hosting lapsed.

This is what people take away - that little card that let's them find out more about you and to hopefully get in touch for their next tattoo. Don't just let this stuff fall by the wayside. It is a minimal expense to keep a presence even if you just point them to your Facebook because it is easier for you to manage. We can help!

We may offer things that you didn't realize...

Unlike web hosting companies that need to make money from you so they charge the same to everyone whether you need a little or a lot. We are not a hosting company (any more). We manage tattoo websites and cater to the tattoo community specifically. So we can customize our services to be exactly what you need and charge you something that makes sense, often a very minimal amount covering our costs.

This typically includes:

  • Typical Web Hosting for your website for about $50 per year that allows you to upload pictures and everything else you need to have a cool web presence.
  • If you have a domain name, but now prefer to use Facebook solely, we can offer a way to redirect that name to your Facebook address or to a landing page we host which then shows people how to contact you and links to your Facebook page.
  • If you have a domain name and an email address that you used to use, we can offer a way to redirect that old email to your new email until you can get new business cards with your new email on it. Or you can just keep it because you can get our email right on your mobile phone anyway.

So what else can we offer that other places may not?

We have been designing for the Internet since its inception. Once upon a time, we provided web hosting, domain registration, and more for thousands of clients all throughout the US. So we know how all of the moving parts work so we can provide you expertise whenever you need it. We like to create a single place for you to get everything you need to run your business. We can offer affordable web hosting for less than you would pay elsewhere, advice on domain name registrars, advice on using Facebook and integrating it into your website, and how to keep up with this growing mobile phone market.

Where can you get more info?

Right below is a link to our contact page so you can reach us directly. Feel free to contact us however most convenient for you and we will be in touch quickly. For other areas of our site that talk more about these things that we can help with, here are a few links to help you get there.

So what now?

So the best thing to do now is just drop a line telling us of your interest or asking a question or two.