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Submitting a Tattoo Story Suggestions

First things first...the easiest way to submit your story is to become a member. No info is required other than a valid email address and a password. Then you can easily submit your story and upload an image in minutes.

NOTE: We used to just have you send it through the contact form and have to go back and forth, but now it is all built in so please take advantage. You can "work on it" in the member section so no worries. You can save your drafts and only submit when you are ready and feel it is complete. So again, register today. It takes about 30 seconds!

Clients and artists alike, we want your stories. For the artists we want more than why you tattoo, but what your personal tattoos mean to you as well.

Your story does not have to be long and drawn out like mine, but it should contain the basics...

  • Why did you get your tattoo?
  • What does your tattoo mean to you?
  • Who did your tattoo?
  • Did it hurt (just kidding!)?
So take the time to send us your story so others can share and maybe get their tattoo that will mean just what they need it to for them.

Attention Tattoo Artists

We are looking for your stories too! It can be a great way to:

  • promote the shop you own or work in
  • allow your potential customers to learn a bit more about their artist
  • help spread the ink - so to speak!
Read more about our offer for tattoo artists.