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TatTales offers you the most accurate directory of tattoo studios throughout the United States. We are in the process of building up our directory of tattoo artists as well. This we will need your help for a multitude of reasons: some artists work freelance and are not part of a studio, some artists move from one studio to another and there are simply just more and more artists everyday. So if you know of someone, please let us know via our contact form. If you are an artist, register with us on our tattoo artist registration.

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A number of artists have already joined TatTales. If you are an artist remember you must first verify your registration prior to being visible on this page. If you are an artist and wish to be listed, please register at our tattoo artist registration.



Laura Ceruti (artist)
Studio: Crystal Blue Tattoo
Phone: (631) 772-4110
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Lindsay Baker (artist)
Studio: Addicted To Ink
Phone: (914) 231-6670
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Lisa (artist)
Independent Artist
Phone: (717) 454-0184
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Luis Rosal (artist)
Studio: Industrial Art Tattoo And Body Piercing
Phone: (973) 482-4870

Marc Douglas (artist)
Studio: Beyond Kreations Tattoo Studio
Phone: (714) 876-8403

Matt Tyszka (artist)
Studio: Tymeless Tattoo
Phone: (315) 635-5481
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Mattie Macabre (artist)
Studio: Tymeless Tattoo
Phone: (315) 635-5481
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