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Send Us Your Tattoo Story

There is one thing that will make this a great site, and that is to have your story here too.

The more stories we have the more depth the site will have. The site should be as well rounded and creative as the souls that create the art or the people that display their ink on their skin.

Keep in mind this is a great way to give a shout out to the artists that keep this art form alive and well. We have met so many people that can't wait to tell us who did the work and this is a fantastic and easy way to do that times a thousand. In short, we strive to show you real art, tattooed on real people, backed by real stories. So support the tattoo artists, support the tattoo shops and keep tradition by sharing your story with others.

We do manually review each and every story. We do hold a great value to the time people take to submit their stories, so please know your work is appreciated. Regardless of the tattoo, no matter how unique or crazy the story, we want your words about your ink!

Attention Tattoo Artists

We are looking for your stories too! It can be a great way to:

  • promote the shop you own or work in
  • allow your potential customers to learn a bit more about their artist
  • help spread the ink - so to speak!

We now offer a way for you to manage clients as well so it is now even easier to show off while getting something in return. Be sure to hit us up on the contact page and ask for story cards to give out to your clients!

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Registering your initial account is free, so there really is no reason not to join the many artists that have begun to fill up our list in our new tattoo artist directory.

Featured Tattoo Stories

The stories have been cranking in so TatTales has decided to create another special section of the website to highlight the people that are the really the epitome of tattoo enthusiast. So check out our newest section and share with the proudest of the inked.

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Tattoo Articles

You can never have enough information to help you with your first or next tattoo. We have many articles on what to expect, how to choose a great design, and a choosing a great tattoo artist to apply it.

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