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Details About Tattales for the Tattoo Studio Owner

First we have to make two things clear about our offering, we get it and we are different.

We get it because we have put in the time to understand our clients. Tattoo artists and shop owners are our primary clients. We know that the industry is still one that has a customer base that is primarily (if not all) local to their studio and therefore internet based marketing has little bang for the buck in the traditional way it has helped many other types of businesses advertise. However, like other businesses that are using the Internet to perform some things, TatTales has created an Internet based platform to do tasks like managing clients specifically for the tattoo industry. This isn't a Point-of-Sale (although it could evolve into one), but rather a single place for tattoo artists to manage clients and manage parts of their website from a central place.

So what else can we offer that other places may not?

We have been designing for the Internet since its inception. Once upon a time, we provided web hosting, domain registration, and more for thousands of clients all throughout the US. So we know how all of the moving parts work so we can provide you expertise whenever you need it. We like to create a single place for you to get everything you need to run your business. We can offer affordable web hosting for less than you would pay elsewhere, advice on domain name registrars, advice on using Facebook and integrating it into your website, and how to keep up with this growing mobile phone market.

Here is the short list of what we think you need to effectively run your business these days:

  • Facebook - We know you already know this! Facebook is a great, free resource for you to reach out to friends and prospective clients.
  • A Website - You still need a website to organize your portfolio, provide directions and contact information, etc. This delivers a more personal message to your clients.
  • A Mobile Website - The real message here is that it can be the same regular website. The trend that we are helping clients with is to have a single website that responds to the size of the users screen (home computer, mobile phone, tablet) and displays the website in the best way possible for that size.
  • Accept Credit Cards - This is usually a preferred way to pay for things more expensive and is much easier than it used to be. Nowadays there are services out there with no monthly fees and no setup fees where you can accept credit cards right from your mobile phone. There are things you should make sure you have though and we can help.
  • TatTales! - Okay maybe not a requirement, but our goal is to pull all of these things together and show you how to avoid stress in doing so. We can help with helping to increase your clients in keeping appointments, managing them for later contact and automating the follow-up to get them back for more tattoos!

We can help with all of these if given the opportunity. We know you are wondering how, but we also know you are very busy.

So what now?

So the best thing to do now is just drop a line telling us of your interest or asking a question or two. It will only take 30 seconds to do and it will help the community of users immediately. We can visit you, talk on the phone, etc to walk you through the site. Validate your account first and take advantage of many items for free.